Classroom Technology That Gets an A+

September 6th, 2013

By Stacy Kessler

Students aren’t the only people headed back to school this fall. Teachers are also back in the classroom, ready to educate the youth of America. To accomplish this goal, they often arm themselves with enthusiasm, persistence, and a sense of humor but there are other tools in their arsenal too. Educational technology allows teachers to be more efficient and to cater their lessons to students’ individual learning styles or interests.

Lots of schools now provide students with iPads or other tablets. One major advantage is the ability to condense multiple textbooks into a single device. Another is the ability for interactive lessons that incorporate multimedia like games or videos right in the hands of students, instead of everyone squinting toward Bill Nye the Science Guy on a small TV screen at the front of the room. Many, like DreamBox and Lentil, are adaptive learning programs which change their pacing or content based on the student’s performance.

Technology is also providing a way for students who can’t physically attend school to remain engaged and present through the use of robots. Devon Carrow is one such student. His extreme allergies prevent him from going to school, but was able to stay in the classroom through remote-controlled proxy–a VGo robot. There are lots of programs or home-schooling options that accommodate students with special needs, but an advantage to being a remote student is not having to sacrifice the vital social aspect that school affords.

Technology can’t solve all the problems plaguing the field of education, but it’s an important factor in making a dent. Besides helping to facilitate and improve the learning experience, it also prepares students for the path ahead since technology will doubtless be an integral part of the rest of their lives.

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