This Must Be The Future, Umbrellas Are Now Invisible

December 17th, 2012

By Philip Frazer

One of the greatest things about technology is the invention of the unknown. Something that is impossible to see coming. Most people probably had no idea that there was a way to significantly change a product as simple and straightforward as the umbrella. Designers Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon have done just that.

The Air Umbrella is exactly what it sounds like, an umbrella which uses a shield of air to keep the user dry. It works by taking air through the bottom and propelling it through the top. Air Umbrella has the capability to be extended and accommodate people of different heights as well as a selector to adjust the size of the air curtain. This means that two people can comfortably share the Air Umbrella together.

It’s easy to see the possible advantages of this decidedly un-brella. With a wind shield, you don’t have to worry about your umbrella flipping inside out and snapping to pieces from the harsh, accompanying wind. No more having to shake the water off and deal with the excess dripping and wetness every time you head indoors.

That being said, there are some foreseeable issues. The air from the umbrella could easily fling water onto those nearby, and it is unclear as to how to they plan to address the issue of battery life. A long journey through a storm could drain the battery and leave a person stranded in the rain.

As of right now, the Air Umbrella is still in the concept stage, so there is most likely a team of engineers solving the potential downfalls at this very moment. We hope someday soon we will be able to walk down the street without having our only shelter from the rain betray us every time a strong wind blows.

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