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Green Up Your Stuff

May 30th, 2012

By Drew Van Lahr

It’s not easy keeping your home green, especially when it involves things like composting or keeping a plastic bag stuffed full of other plastic bags for “recycling.” But here are few fun new products our Supervisionaries found to quickly make your home more eco-friendly:

Pet Mess Shark Attack

A new pet bed, available on, uses nanotechnology to clean away bacteria, viruses, and ammonia left behind by your dog, cat, or other small pet. The fabric in this shark-shaped bed is made of non-toxic particles that absorb smells and harmful substances when left in the sun, so no running it through the washer every time your puppy piddles – though the inner cushion is machine-washable for those larger messes that may occur. The small shark, for pets up to 10 pounds, is $69.99, and the large, for pets up to 25 pounds, is $89.99.

Zenya has nearly 2,800 dog product keywords ready to be unleashed.

Garden Your Babylon

Urban gardening may sound like a challenge, but the company Urbio has packaged it and brought it inside with their new Urbio indoor wall-mounted garden. These modern looking polypropylene containers hold your plants and attach to wall plates using strong neodymium magnets. You can easily take down your plants to water them as well as move them around into new formations and designs. The pieces can all be bought separately so as to create the perfect-sized garden for your individual home, or you can opt for the “Big Happy Family” set, which comes in at $175.

Gardening has an average search volume of 17 million and Zenya is ready to move in like the newest invasive plants (102 keywords on invasive plants).

Quite a Catch

A long-time ladies’ fashion trend is the repurposed purse – handbags made from old juice cartons, gum wrappers, or seatbelts. But now men are having their day with wallets made from old baseball mitts, sold by Fielder’s Choice. Each wallet is unique, cut and sewn by hand from a vintage, worn-in mitt and meant to embrace old pasttimes and new uses. The wallets range from $60 to $100, and most designs have sold out, though you can join a mailing list to find out when they’ll be restocked.

We have over 10,000 keywords on wallets to catch every variation. You could say Zenya gets the Golden Glove for keyword captures.


Streaming to a Monitor Near You

May 23rd, 2012

By Cholley Kuhaneck

Our Supervisionaries are excited by all the outstanding developments in the world of streaming TV content.  While nothing could tempt our intrepid Expert Technologists to miss work, these offerings are truly enticing.

BBC Digital Olympics

The BBC announced that it will offer live streaming HD video coverage of the London 2012 Olympics. Each athlete will have an interactive page with integrated social networking features and live alerts. Viewers will have the option to “favorite” athletes, sports and events in order to get customized alerts. The video stream will include pause and rewind features, and will be accessible from mobile phones, computers, tablets, and connected TVs.

With over 500 Olympics-related categories, Zenya has the keywords you’ll need to capitalize on this Summer’s games.

Arrested Development Season 4

Netflix has confirmed that a fourth season of the critically-acclaimed television show Arrested Development will be released exclusively on Netflix Instant sometime in 2013. All ten episodes of the new season will be released at once, giving viewers the option of watching the show marathon-style. Production for the show is slated to begin this summer.

Although Netflix made an official announcement only a month ago, “Arrested Development” already has an estimated search volume of 4,590.  Zenya Match can keep you abreast of all future Bluth frenzy. 

A Better Queue

A newly introduced webapp offers a way to find the highest quality content available on Netflix Instant. A Better Queue allows its users to select a genre, and then narrow the selection by date range and minimum Rotten Tomatoes rating. The search results link directly to movie pages in Netflix where they can directly be added to users’ Netflix queues.

Zenya Match can bring you 867,679 long-tail keywords related to apps and our unique filters will tailor information to your exact needs.

Major Video Game Sequels Get a Long-Awaited Sequel

May 23rd, 2012

By Drew Van Lahr

The decade-long wait is over for fans of the Diablo computer role-playing-game franchise (PC/Mac). Blizzard Entertainment (makers of an obscure little title called World of Warcraft) finally released Diablo III to the public on Tuesday. Players can explore Diablo III’s dark fantasy/horror world all on their own or they can party up with a few friends. With 5 character classes, procedurally generated environments that change on every new play-through, and more loot than you can shake a Rare Stick Of Terrible Shaking at, Blizzard’s reputation as the premier sleep-depriver of RPG fans the world-over seems likely to continue unabated.

Speaking of third installments in long-stalled franchises; Max Payne III (360/PS3/PC) also debuted this week. For those of you too young to remember, Max Payne was the first video game to use a Matrix inspired super-slow-mo bullet time play mechanic, which has gone on to become a gaming trope nearly as ubiquitous as exploding orange barrels. Rockstar Games, maker of genre-defining titles like L.A Noire, Red Dead Redemption, and the Grand Theft Auto series, takes the franchise reins from original Finnish developer Remedy. Stereotypes about Finnish depression are likely to withstand the release, as initial footage suggests with Remedy no longer running the show, Max has been liberated from the dreary, dark, impoverished NYC tenements of the first two games and now finds himself in sunny, colorful, though still impoverished Brazilian Favelas. Expect Rockstar’s typically lavish production values to be on full display.

Video Games searches average over 4 million in the U.S. and the newest Diablo incarnation pulls over a half-million. Zenya is ready for the most recent releases with almost 10,000 keywords on the Diablo franchise alone.

Skywalker’s Arm Not So Far Off

May 22nd, 2012

By Cholley Kuhaneck

Scientists at Brown University and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs recently published a study outlining a groundbreaking new technology that they hope will enable paralyzed people to regain some independence in the future. It sounds like something out of the latest sci-fi novel, but soon people will be able to control robotic limbs with their minds.

The patients involved in the study were paraplegics who had suffered a stroke or other spinal cord damage. To utilize the robotic limb, a small sensor is implanted in the motor cortex of the brain. The electrodes on the sensor harness the neural power of the brain—even after years with no muscle control, the motor cortex is still working to send out signals to the body. All the patient has to do is think about moving her hand, and the information is relayed to a computer outfitted with the BrainGate system. The computer decodes the neural activity in order to move the robotic arm to complete a task. In the arm’s current phase of development, if the “palm” of the hand encounters an object, the hand will grip. If any part of the arm makes contact with an unexpected object, the arm will stop and enter “safety mode” until the user is able to regain control or reroute the arm’s path.

This technology has been used in the past to enable people with brain injuries to use computers and email, and scientists have high hopes for the future development of a neural speech program. For now, they are working to create a wireless version of the robotic limbs and to refine the motor skills of the current bio-technology. Though these robotics are not available for use outside of the lab yet, this study represents a huge step forward for people with mobility issues due to neural damage.
BrainGate currently has a search volume of 1,485 but this and other prosthetic technology will only continue to trend upward and Zenya can help you chart its path. 

If You Have a TV, You’ve Heard of These

May 18th, 2012

By Drew Van Lahr

Several games debuting this week were conceptualized in other forms, but have crossed narrative formats to bring a whole new experience to gamers.

Game of Thrones began as the first novel in a fantasy book series, then catapulted to fame as a gritty HBO series, and now fans can battle their way through the story in the new RPG for X-Box 360, PS3, and PC. The same dark drama that captured readers and viewers alike comes alive in an interactive world, with two original characters and a storyline overseen by author George R. R. Martin.

Just in time for the blockbuster releases of Battleship and Men in Black III, Activision is releasing a video game version for each. Battleship takes its cues from the big-budget action film opening in theaters this weekend, not the age-old board game, just to clear any confusion. Instead of picking the coordinates for a peg-hole, players switch between the fast-paced first-person shooter mode and an overview for strategic command of the larger naval battle. Men in Black: Alien Crisis pits the gamer versus enemy alien invaders as the newest MIB trainee, in-stores Tuesday, May 22 just three days before the movie release date.

All this crossover means you can count on an Avengers video game out this fall to reap some success from the record-breaking movie title, probably just in time for Christmas and the DVD release.

Between all the novels, a hit TV series and this new video game, Game of Thrones has been searched over 1.5 million times a month. At Zenya, we have the analytical tools and  millions of keywords that will enable your business to be in the  right place at the right time.

Fit it, Don’t Quit It

May 16th, 2012

By Drew Van Lahr

Tell me if this sounds familiar: (one friend moping to another) ”I have to get in shape! I’m not what I used to be! I’m definitely waking up in the morning to exercise.”

Fast forward to the morning…a work out absolutely did not happen. It’s also nice to flirt with the idea of exercising after work. Sometimes it is so hard to find time for that. I mean, come on. People have important stuff to do, like mail a Father’s Day card,  walk the dog and catch up on Hulu.

The creators of Fitocracy were clearly the friends that listened (to their besties that moped about being out of shape) and could see that the  missing key to getting fit was motivation.

Fitocracy is a social networking site with a twist. Essentially, you can get in top physical shape while you socialize and encourage (or compete) with friends. Track your exercises, “level up” by working out enough, and gain exercise friends – all at the same time. Additionally, one can post work outs for the day; online friends can see the reps for each time. Things such as “props” are allowed to be given to a friend as a sign of encouragement.

Where else can you get rewards for daily lifting? It’s like having someone watch you at the gym, and then pat you on the back immediately following the routine. Let us leave you with this thought: having a friend give you props on a work out could actually be more satisfying than a Facebook friend request.

Web Searchers are surely intrigued, “what is fitocracy” has a search volume of  15,385.  Zenya can help you keep tabs on the popularity of this and other fitness trends.


Marketing Budgets Continue Shifting Toward Internet Advertising

May 14th, 2012

By Cholley Kuhaneck

Traditional media budget expenditures are increasingly shifting to Internet/digital marketing. Most likely, your competitor has increased their internet marketing and digital budgets. Have you?

According to Q3 2011 research from media buying solutions provider Strata, companies are becoming just as focused on digital media as they are on spot TV. In the first nine months of 2011, spot TV budgets decreased from an average of 45 percent of the marketing budget to 35 percent  while internet/digital budgets jumped from 23 to 34 percent of planned ad expenses. Social media in particular, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, dominates the digital advertising medium used by ad agencies. However, mobile advertising is quickly gaining steam with more mobile display ads now being created for clients over other mobile formats such as SMS ads. The iPhone, Android and the iPad currently serve as the top three choices for mobile ad platforms. With forecasts increasing numbers of smartphone users (up to 60 million in 2013), mobile ad spending is expected to jump significantly in the next two years. 80 percent of major U.S. brands are expected to be using mobile marketing in 2013.

Don’t be left behind. Zenya can help you plan effective digital marketing campaigns and make sure that your media budget is getting spent as effectively as possible.

We Can Map Your Data

May 11th, 2012

By Cholley Kuhaneck

Did you know that Zenya’s data flows both ways?

Not only will Zenya Categories and Zenya Match provide you with actionable keyword data on any topic or product, Zenya Mapping can take a collection of your data and make it actionable: classifying keywords into logical categories to help you better understand and analyze your existing data.

By uploading an unknown data set to Zenya Mapping, you can immediately make intelligent judgements about which keywords are most relevant and helpful to your objectives. The onerous work of auditing a search query report can be streamlined to just seconds; or if your new client’s campaigns are what the Brits would call a “pig’s breakfast,” use Zenya Mapping to instantly standardize their keyword and adgroup structure and reveal insights it would have taken your SEM team weeks to uncover.

Our flexibility doesn’t end there. Your data can be mapped against our taxonomy or against your own category system, using a Taxonomy Overlay. Our expertechnologists will draw parallels between any two structured classifications systems to let Zenya act as a Master-Data Management layer between any new keywords and your campaigns. We can also return analysis against any performance metric you provide, including impressions, clicks and conversion data. This analysis will identify the commonality between your best performing keywords — and then quickly allow purchase more from the same Zenya category.

Do you have a large cache of data sitting around but it’s just too massive and jumbled to use? We’ll untangle and enhance it. Contact us to find out more about Zenya Mapping.


Hey, You, Get Onto My Cloud

May 9th, 2012

By Cholley Kuhaneck

The cloud is where it’s at lately with a number of companies pushing even further into the world of online data storage.

LinkedIn announced last week that it will be acquiring SlideShare, a professional content sharing community. SlideShare users have uploaded more than nine million presentations, and according to comScore, in March SlideShare had nearly 29 million unique visitors, ranking it among the most heavily trafficked sites for professional content.

Google has just released Google Drive which enhances Google Docs with increased cloud storage, collaboration opportunities, and adds the ability to automtically sync the drive contents with your computer for seemless offline work.

Dropbox, another very popular cloud storage site, recently added a feature allowing users share documents, photos, and videos by creating and sending a link to friends, family, or colleagues, whether they are Dropbox users or not.

Zenya Match currently brings up 5,643 long tail keywords related to cloud computing and we’re adding more every day. 







Once Facebook…Now Kidney, Heart and Lungbook

May 7th, 2012

By Michaelene Zawacki

Facebook is asking its users to get behind a social cause by declaring their organ donation status on their profiles. Facebook has added the feature to Timeline and also provides links for people to officially register themselves as donors in their state or country.

In the United States, more than 114,000 people are waiting for organ donations, and many of them will likely not receive one due to a lack of donors. Facebook is leveraging the power of its 900 million users to create awareness of this issue and hopes that doing so will encourage more people, especially young people, to register themselves. It may also be a useful tool in countries like England, where families are allowed to decide if a deceased loved one’s organs may be used for donation. Encouragingly, just hours after the launch the CEO of Donate Life California, Charlene Zittel, said her organization was already seeing a spike in donors.

To use the feature, select “Life Events” on your status bar, then “Health & Wellness”, then “Organ Donor.” Fill in your state and date of registry, if you wish a donation-related story, select who can see your donation status, and finally click “Save.”

Zenya already has almost 900 keywords on organ donation before this announcement and over 40,000 keywords for healthy living before or after your donor status change.

Product Update

May 4th, 2012

By Cholley Kuhaneck

Our Supervisionaries love these product that let worlds converge:

Nail Polish Names Come to the Vehicle World – Chevy Spark

The 2013 Chevy Spark is hoping to make a big impact on the mini-car market. With everyone keeping a close eye on their wallets, those looking for a new car will be pleased with the starting price. At just under $13,000, it aims to be affordable while still offering enough cargo space to please the “first-time car buyers and city dwellers” that Chevy is explicitly courting. While the names of paint colors may not be the primary concern in a car-buyers mind, the options of Salsa, Jalapeno, Denim, Lemonade and Techno Pink are sure to tickle those who are eager to buck boring, traditional colors. Chevrolet will offer three trim levels on the 2013 Spark, which is due at your local dealership later this year.

Zenya has already identified over 138 ways that consumers are searching for the Spark.

Video Adds to the Jigsaw World – Ravensburger Augmented Reality Jigsaw Puzzles

Venerable game & toy maker Ravensburger is taking jigsaw puzzles into the 21st century with its new Augmented Reality line of jigsaw puzzles. Now you can live the virtual experience of your real-world puzzle, whether it’s standing on a rooftop in Paris, walking with animals on the African plains, or swimming with tropical fish. A free downloadable app for Apple iPad and iPhone brings your puzzle to life with video animations and panoramas. The fun continues outside of the box this fall.

Zenya predicts that these new puzzles will bump up Ravensburger already not bad estimated search volume of  25, 530.

Video Game Continues Movie World – The Amazing Spider-Man Game

Set to be released on June 26, 2012 and serving as a video game epilogue to the Amazing Spider-Man film, the Amazing Spider-Man game lets you shoot webs, save damsels, and live the movie way after you leave the theater.

The Amazing Spider-Man in all its incarnations – movie, video game, vintage pinball game, etc. – is trending hot with a search volume of 140,250.



Another Reason Why Our Supervisionaries Envy the Citizens of Austin

May 2nd, 2012

By Cholley Kuhaneck

When was the last time you used a pay phone?

When was the last time you even saw an operational pay phone?

The former workhorse of on-the-go communications has largely vanished, yet shadows still remain.  Many pay phones were operated by independent companies that went bankrupt leaving empty enclosures with nobody to pay for the labor-intensive removal costs.

The Austin, Texas-based Pay Phone Revival Project is on a mission to turn these eyesores into pieces of public art.  Through support from the City of Austin, local businesses, local individuals and Kickstarter, The Pay Phone Revival Project is fulfilling its goal of restoring “function and communicative potential to abandoned pay phone booths while also creating meaningful interactions between pedestrians and their everyday surroundings in Austin, Texas.”

Check out the pictures of the current installations and start thinking about what we are going to do with all the abandoned ATMs when all money becomes digital and everyone has their own sentient robot dog.

Whether it’s the repurposing of Pay Phones or the resurgence of Vinyl Records, Zenya has your retro trends covered.