About Zenya

Zenya is a technology firm that created the largest taxonomy of the commercial Internet for use in digital marketing and customized consulting. Our algorithm and subject matter experts find undiscovered intent in vast amounts of data that can give big brands and marketers valuable insight and advantage. Our taxonomy is structured with up to 21 tiers of data, and more than 1 billion keywords spanning 450,000 categories. By comparison, the standard (IAB) includes only 3 tiers of information.

Chicken or Egg? Zenya probably knows.


The Taxonomists Behind the Taxonomy
The Zenya algorithm is the result of years of investment by subject matter experts who are leaders in their fields. Our technology is enhanced by the curation of content specialists who find relevant connections within data. Their work continually improves our source code to accelerate client results. Read more about the Zenya Taxonomy.

Information Overlay
Our data can make your data smarter. If you already have a data set, you can map it against our taxonomy to gain new insight and direction. We simply categorize your unstructured data to reveal relevance and purpose.

  • Better Keywords Mean Leads. Accelerate Your Search Campaigns.